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BMB students discover research opportunities

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Alice Cai and Nathan Arnett wanted to assist other students with gaining research experience by creating the Undergraduate Research Society. Rhea Sullivan's goal was to be able to do research before reaching graduate level. Penn State enabled these students to reach these goals.

Arnett-Cai-Elena_Undergrad_Research_SocietySchreyer Honors College Scholars, Alice Cai and Nathan Arnett, founded the Undergraduate Research Society as an aid to other students in gaining research experience. They wanted to make it easier for students to learn about research opportunities, how to join a lab, and to create an inclusive community of undergraduates who are passionate about research.

Scholar Rhea Sullivan, noted that undergraduate research was an important part of her decision to attend Penn State. She wanted to do research before reaching graduate level, so she joined the Society so that she could be a resource to her fellow students. The Society strives to educate and mentor students until they find a research lab or experience that fits them.

Cai said, “Hands-on research has taught me more practical skills and ways of scientific thinking than in any classroom. The faculty and students have become great mentors and close friends.”

Congratulations to the founders and participants in the Undergraduate Research Society!

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