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Melanie McReynolds (Hanna-Rose lab) received the ASBMB Thematic Best Poster Award

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2016-April 27  The ASBMB 2016 Thematic Best Poster selections were made at the recent ASBMB Annual Meeting in San Diego. Melanie McReynolds, BMMB graduate student, was awarded ASBMB Best Poster in the category Metabolism, Disease, and Drug Design. Her poster presentation was selected by the theme organizers as an outstanding research presentation, and a monetary award was given. The Abstract Title was "De Novo Synthesis from Tryptophan in the Absence of a QPRTase Homolog Contributes to NAD+ Biosynthesis in C. elegans."


Melanie participated in the 15th Annual St. Jude National Graduate Student Symposium (NGSS), March 28-29, 2016. From the more than 1,800 students invited to apply for the symposium, she was one of 44 students selected by a faculty review committee to attend. This competitive academic and professional development event allows PhD-level graduate students from U.S. institutions to present their own work, in addition to learning about the cutting-edge research and facilities at St. Jude.

Melanie is currently a doctoral student in Wendy Hanna-Rose’s lab where she is seeking interdisciplinary training in metabolomics and development in an effort to prepare for a career at the nexus of metabolism and disease.  Her project focuses on elucidating the developmental and physiological roles of NAD+ biosynthetic pathways.  The mechanisms behind health disparities continue to peak Melanie’s research interests, particularly those associated with metabolic disorders. Therefore, her future career goal is to become an independent research scientist studying ways to combat metabolic disorders through drug discovery and design.

Congratulations Melanie!