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2013 News Articles

Investigating Roles of Rare Genetic Variants in Disease (ECoS) (2013)

Scientists Discover the Orgins of Genomic "Dark Matter (ECoS) (2013)

Short-Term Gene-Expression "Memory" is Inherited in Proteins Associated with DNA, New Research Finds (ECoS) (2013)

Article: How to Find the Right Lab Rotation (ASBMB Website) (2013)

NIH Bridge Program Scholar Aims to Slow Bone Metastasis (2013)

Using interdisciplinary tools to find cure for human herpesvirus (ECoS) (2013)

New Kind of Antibiotic May Be More Effective at Fighting Tuberculosis, Anthrax, and Other Diseases (ECoS) (2013)

Gene Offers Clues to New Treatments for a Harmful Blood Clotting Disorder (ECoS) (2013)

Autism Linked to Increased Genetic Change in Regions of Genome Instability (ECoS) (2013)

2012 News Articles

Hepatitis C Treatment's Side Effects Can Now Be Studied in the Lab (2012)

Gene Required for Nerve Regeneration Now Identified (2012)

Huge Study of Human Genome Includes Penn State Research (2012)

Viruses' Copying Mechanism Demystified, Opening the Door to New Vaccine Strategies (2012)

Nerve Pathway for Combating Axon Injury and Stress May Hold Benefits for Individuals with Neurodegenerative Disorders (2012)

Important Gene-Regulation Proteins Pinpointed by New Method (2012)

Team releases sequel to the human genome (Science News) (2012)

Polar bears' ancient roots pushed way back (Science News) (2012)

2011 News Articles

Decades-Old Conclusion about Energy-Making Pathway of Cyanobacteria is Corrected (2011)

Scientists Sequence Endangered Tasmanian Devil's Genome (2011)

Life-History Traits May Affect DNA Mutation Rates in Males More Than in Females (2011)

Packaging Process for Genes Discovered in New Research (2011)

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Have Evolved a Unique Chemical Mechanism, New Discovery Reveals (2011)

Decoding Human Genes is the Goal of a New Open-Source Encyclopedia (2011)

Closing the loop (2011)

2010 News Articles

Africa yields two full human genomes (2010)

A Key Protein Nerve Cells to Repair Themselves (2010)

Scientists Discover New Players on the Gene-Activation Team (1998)