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United Way Pie-In-The-Face Fundraiser

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Graduate Student, Cherie Lee Smashing a Pie in Professor Cameron's FaceEleven faculty and one staff member graciously volunteered to take a cool whip pie-in-the-face to raise money for United Way.  They are as follows: Paul Babitzke, Greg Broussard, Craig Cameron, Meredith Defelice, Marcella Fickes, James Endres-Howell, Mike Mwangi, Frank Pugh, Scott Selleck, Ola Sodeinde, Song Tan, and Ming Tien.  The twelve volunteers lined up in the North/South Frear lobby as students, staff and research personnel taunted them with plates of ice cold, Cool Whipped Cream. The event collected money from two categories - Category 1: Faculty, staff, research personnel and Category 2: Graduate/Undergraduate Students. Therefore, the volunteers could take two pies-in-the-face.  

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology staff member, Stephanie Valente spearheaded the event along with Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Loida Escote-Carlson. Valente obtained sponsorship for the pie-throwing stand from Alexander Building Construction Company from State College.  They donated the time, material and manpower to build the pie-throwing stand for the event.  

Professor Ming Tien motivated the department with emails stating “Nobody can hit me.” However, Ming didn't play by the rules when it came for Department Head, Scott Selleck, to throw his pie. Ming moved at the last minute. Next year, get behind the pie-stand Ming!

Professor Craig Cameron was a good sport.  He remarked “No graduate student of mine is going to throw a pie at me without donating at least $100.  My face is worth at least that much!” He asked his throwers, Cheri Lee and Archie Taylor, to forego throwing the pie and just smash it in his face. He got his wish. Twice!

Professor Song Tan's research personnel and students bid in each category to throw at him. 

Professor Dick Frisque bid to throw a pie at his peer Professor Paul Babitze. Dick displayed perfect technique with his throw. The BMB department thinks Dick needs to give a pie-throwing workshop for next year’s event. 

Professor Frank Pugh went all out and dressed up for his pie-in-the-face. He came to the event in a gray suit and red bow tie.  When it came to his time up to take a pie-in-the face, he stood with his arms raised and said, "There will be blood."

The event raised $930 in bids to be donated to the United Way.  The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology thanks Alexander Building Construction Company, all the volunteer targets, and those that bid, to make this a successful event.  If you need a laugh, here is a video worth watching!