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Spring 2015

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BMMB 502 Spring 2015
A course focusing on critical reading, understanding and evaluation of primary literature in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology (1 credit).
BMMB 521 Spring 2015
Survey of cutting-edge aspects of microbial ecology, phylogenetics, physiology, molecular biology, pathogenesis and genomics (4 credits).
BMMB 531 Spring 2015
Biomolecular Structure (2 credits) - Crystal strcuture determination and analysis of protein and nucleuic acid three-dimensional structures.
BMMB 541 Spring 2015
Molecular Biology of Animal Development (3 credits) - The course emphasizes comparative molecular genetic analyses of developmental gene networks using vertebrate and Drosophila model systems.
BMMB 542 Spring 2015
Eukaryotic Cell Biology (3 credits) - This course covers current areas of cell biology research, focusing on processes affecting the cell as a whole.
BMMB 543 Spring 2015
Current Topics in Gene Regulation (3 credits) - This course explores structural, biochemical and genetic approaches in gene regulation.
BMMB 554 Spring 2015
Foundations in Data Driven Life Sciences (3 credits) - Expanded overview of current developments and technique in computational biology and genomics.
BMMB 597 Spring 2015
Algorithms and Data Structures in Bioinformatics.