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Annual Advising Experience Feedback

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The most important relationship in a graduate student’s Ph.D. training is that between the student and their mentor. Eberly College of Science and BMMB are committed to providing, promoting, and recognizing excellence in mentoring. 

Eberly College of Science has developed an online “Advising Experience Feedback Form” that has both a confidential and non-confidential portion. Students will have access to the form once their Graduate Student Activity Report (GSAR) has been approved by the Graduate Program. Students may choose to complete only the confidential portion or the non-confidential portion, or both. Students may also choose to not complete the form.

Non-confidential (first part of form): Adviser can see all comments entered here. BMMB Graduate Program, Department Head, and Eberly College of Science can also access this form.
Confidential (second part of form): The student selects who can see feedback provided in this section. Options are as follows:
  1. Aleksandra Slavkovic (Associate Dean for Graduate Education)
  2. Wendy Hanna-Rose (BMB Department Head)
  3. Ken Keiler (Associate Head for Graduate Education)
  4. Lorraine Santy (BMMB Liaison Officer)
  5. Ola Sodeinde (BMB Ombudsman)
  6. Maria Krasilnikova (BMB Ombudsman)