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Graduate Student Activity Report (GSAR) Guidelines

In May of 2016, a new college-wide system called the Graduate Student Activity Report (GSAR) was implemented. All BMMB students and faculty are required to use this system, which combines the former "Annual BMMB Graduate Student Evaluation and Review" and "BMMB Graduate Student Annual Committee Meeting Report," thereby greatly reducing the amount of work and redundancy of the previous system.  Paper Annual Committee Meeting and Annual Student Evaluation Forms will no longer be collected. This system allows students, advisers and committee members to readily assess the current and past progress of students, as this website will be available at all times. The link to the GSAR is below:

GSARs must be completed and approved for all BMMB graduate students by August 14, 2017. Below are the final deadlines for submission for the 2016-2017 academic year. Students may begin filling out the GSAR and holding their committee meetings as early as September 1st, 2016.

July 1: Deadline for student input of initial information.

July 22: Deadline for committee member/adviser comments following the annual committee meeting.

August 1: Deadline for student acknowledgment.

August 14: Deadline for approval.

In addition to the information that each student and advisor will enter, a considerable amount of information has already been entered for each student. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the "Student Profile" section, as it serves as a repository of information for each student (e.g. courses taken, dates of candidacy and comprehensive exams, etc.).