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Master of Biotechnology

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The Master of Biotechnology degree program is a collaboration between the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department and the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences.   It is an innovative professional science master’s (PSM) degree that enhances the preparation and confidence of students for entry-level employment in broad areas of biotechnology.  It is most appropriate for students who are interested in team-oriented applied research in industry, government and other non-academic organizations, for students who are not yet decided or not ready to commit to, or are simply not interested in, a lengthy Ph.D. degree, and for students who are interested in careers at the juncture of science and business, intellectual property, policy and regulatory work, ethics, and other biotechnology-related careers.  The Master of Biotechnology curriculum also prepares students for Ph.D. in diverse areas of the life sciences and for other professional degrees.

Features of the program students found empowering in their employment and career choices:

  • Work experience via internship or cooperative education hosted by industry, government, and other institutions
  • Short but rigorous and intensive one and a half-year program that emphasizes communication and team-working skills
  • Hands-on laboratory training on key research and bio-manufacturing technologies
  • Science-grounded curriculum with built-in flexibility to allow students to focus on their specific areas of interest in biotechnology
  • Broad education and exposure to the various aspects of biotechnology: the cutting edge science and technologies, the business, regulatory, intellectual property, legal, social and ethical aspects of biotechnology
  • Access to a network of industry professionals via a dedicated Biotechnology Advisory Board, invited industry speakers, and program alumni
  • Close advising and mentoring through the curriculum and access to career and professional development resources and opportunities

The integrated undergraduate-graduate (IUG) program in biotechnology enables qualified students in the BS Biotechnology program to pursue the Master of Biotechnology degree prior to completing the BS degree.

For questions about the IUG and Master’s program in biotechnology, e-mail Ms. Terrie Young.

To learn more about the master's in biotechnology program, please visit the The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences website.