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Southern African Genome Project

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Southern African Genome Project

This image depicts a hunter of the Ju/‘hoansi tribe in the Namibian Bush. Credit: Stephan C. Schuster

Co-leader Stephan Schuster, a BMB faculty member, and colleagues sequenced the complete genomes of two southern Africans:  an indigenous hunter-gatherer tribal leader from the Kalahari Desert and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, representing the Bantu.  These two genomes are among the first ten personal genomes ever sequenced. With 1.3 million genetic variants observed and a life-long medical history on each participant, these findings will help improve medical research efforts and drug efficacy for the southern African populations.


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Complete Khoisan and Bantu Genomes from Southern Africa
S.C. Schuster, W. Miller , A. Ratan, L.P. Tomsho, B. Giardine, L.R. Kasson, R.S. Harris, D.C. Petersen, F. Zhao, J. Qi, C. Alkan, J.M. Kidd, Y. Sun, D.I. Drautz, P. Bouffard, D.M. Muzny, J.G. Reid, L.V. Nazareth, Q. Wang, R. Burhans, C. Riemer, N.E. Wittekindt, P. Moorjani, E.A. Tindall, C.G. Danko, W.S. Teo, A.M. Buboltz, Z. Zhang, Q. Ma, A. Oosthuysen, A.W. Steenkamp, H. Oostuisen, P. Venter, J. Gajewski, Y. Zhang, B.F. Pugh, K.D. Makova, A. Nekrutenko, E.R. Mardis, N. Patterson, T.H. Pringle, F. Chiaromonte, J.C. Mullikin, E.E. Eichler, R.C. Hardison, R.A. Gibbs, T.T. Harkins, V.M. Hayes. 
Nature. 2010 Feb 18;463(7283):943-947.


Discussion of Southern African Genome Project with Stephan Schuster (PSU video link)

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