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Welcome New and Returning Students

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Welcome all new, returning, first-year, and transfer students to University Park.  It’s great to have you back on campus!
This year, 12 Ph.D. students, Logan Bashline, John Crickard, Tayler Croom, Heather Feaga, Bryan Ferlez, Larissa Goldman, Sijie Hao, John McManus, Adam Perez, Bede Portz, Kavitha Rao, and Justin Williams will join the department.  In a few days, these students will begin their first lab rotation. A series of three lab rotations gives the students a chance to learn more about the department's faculty, as well as research being conducted within faculty labs.  After completing their lab rotations and the core courses, the new students will select a research adviser, marking the beginning of their doctoral research.  New graduate students may check out this year's guide.

This summer was very busy for our undergraduate programs. Over a nine-week period, first year testing, consulting and the advising program (FTCAP) were held.  A team of honor advisers, Dr. David Gilmour, Dr. Joseph Reese, Dr. Philip Mohr, and academic advisers, Dr. Carl Sillman, Dr. V. Reddy Padala, Dr. Ola Sodeinde, Dr. Meredith Defelice, Ms. Anjuli Datta, and Mr. Michael Troyan met with 96 freshman that have indicated one of the three majors offered by the department: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Biotechnology or Microbiology. The first two days of FTCAP kicked off with 17 Schreyer Honors College (SHC) students, indicating Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as their intended major. The honors and academic advisers met with each student to discuss, plan, and schedule their academic courses for the upcoming semester.  We enthusiastically welcome each of them into their intended major.

The undergraduate program also expects 32 international students joining us from China, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Turkey.

We are also happy to announce that 143 sophomores have declared their major with BMB-directed programs (BMB, MICRB or BIOTC). Thirty-three of these students will come from a commonwealth campus to complete their degree requirements.

Undergraduates may check out this year's academic undergraduate handbook online.

The Department welcomes each and everyone of you and wishes you a successful academic year!

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