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2012 Undergraduate Exhibition Awards

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The 2012 Undergraduate Exhibition was held on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at the HUB-Robeson Center. We are happy to announce that the BMB Department is represented among winners in several categories. Congratulations students!

Health and Life Sciences

2012 Undergrad Winners-1 1st Place

Benjamin Chambers & Hoon Chang
Determining the Mechanisms of Action of Trans-Translation Inhibitors in Mycobacterium Smegmatis

2nd Place
Vladimir Khristov

Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Understanding the Role of GABAergic Inhibition in Mood Disorders

University Libraries Awards for Information Literacy

1st Place
Amarpreet Ahluwalia
Towards an Experimentally Determined Coupling Free Energy Change in Deprotonated Guanine

3rd Place
Stephen Wellard, Nari Kim, Su Jen Khoo, Qiao Kai Law
Detecting Genomic Elements that Cause Instability Across Replication Cycles in Mammalian Cells

Undergraduate Exhibition Winners-2

Penn State's annual Undergraduate Exhibition communicates and celebrates the participation of undergraduate students from across the University in research and creative endeavors. Undergraduate students from all Penn State campuses entered poster presentations to showcase their work to a general audience. The exhibition was open to the public.

Posters were entered in the arts and humanities, engineering, health and life sciences, physical sciences, public scholarship, and social and behavioral sciences or as course-based projects in any discipline. 

Monetary prizes are awarded to the top entries in each category.  The Gerald A. Hauser Award is given to the exhibition entry judged to be best overall.  Other awards include the Phi Kappa Phi Peter T. Luckie Award for Outstanding Research by a Junior and the University Libraries Award for Information Literacy.