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Congratulations to Summer Research Award Winners!

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The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology would like to congratulate four majors who received Summer Research Awards for 2012.

Christin Folker received the Summer Research AwardChristin Folker
Project: The Role of Gamma-TuSC and Gamma-TuRC Proteins in Microtubule Polarity and Nucleation

Christin will work in the research group headed by Melissa Rolls' Lab. Christin writes, "This summer I will be working in the lab to organize and maintain the Drosophila stock lines, as well as making the media to feed the flies. More importantly, I will be working on three different experiments to characterize the organization and dynamics of microtubules. Microtubules are important because they serve as tracks for motor proteins to transport cargo throughout the cell. These motor proteins move in only one direction on the microtubules, towards either the plus end or minus end. As such, microtubule orientation, or polarity, is important to the organization of the cell as a whole.

Sarah MooreSarah Moore
Project: A Comprehensive Analysis of p53 related Genes and Their Roles in Determining Cell Fate

Sarah's work this summer will be in the research lab of Yanming Wang. She shares, "My ultimate career goal is to become a tenured college professor. Reaching that goal is a long way away, but the earlier I can start researching and making an impact in the world of biochemistry, the better chance I have of success. Life in academia appeals to me because I would be able to both research and teach, to learn as much as possible, and educate others about what I am learning."

Mike Connolly

Michael Connolly
Project: Mechanism of CsrA-mediated Repression of pnp Expression

Michael will conduct research this summer in the research group of Paul Babitzke. He states, "Having always been fascinated by the achievements of science, I knew I wanted to major in a science degree in college. However, it was not until I entered the field that I realized how much of an impact research has on scientific advancement."

Christopher Natale

Christopher Natale
Project: The Role of S-Locus F-Box Proteins in S-RNase-Based Self-Incompatibility in Petunia

This summer, Christopher will take part in the research headed by Teh-hui Kao.  Christopher believes, "The foundation of this research project has already been laid down and the results that I will be able to produce will continue to shape me into a good researcher and, ultimately, a good scientist, make me a well-rounded student, and a superb graduate school candidate."



Congratulations to Christin, Sarah, Michael, and Christopher! We know you will each do great work in your labs this summer.