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Congratulations to Summer Research Fund Recipients!

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The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology would like to congratulate three majors who received Summer Research Funds for 2013.

Soojung Kum

Soojung Kim: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major

Project: Genome-wide evaluation of Position-Effect in S. cerevisiae

Soojung will perform her research under the direction of Dr. Lu Bai. She has worked in the Bai Lab for a little over a year. This project is set to explore the genome-wide mechanism of gene expression of yeast affected by position effect. Soojung believes, "her research will allow her to gain knowledge in the important principles of genomics that will further help her in the specialities of epigenetics."



Gregory Babunovic

 Gregory Babunovic: Microbiology Major

Project: Investigating trans-Translation as a Target for KKL73 and KKL55-based inhibitors in Mycobacteria Species.

Greg will work in the research group headed by Dr. Kenneth Keiler. His project is to determine the effects of inhibiting trans-translation in Mycobacterium smegmatis. Trans-Translation is a pathway for releasing stalled translation complexes, and is found in all bacteria. Greg writes, "This award will provide me with a valuable opportunity to expand my skills and experience in the field of antibiotic development."

Yang LiuYang Liu: Biotechnology Major

Project: Engineering Synechoccus sp. PCC 7002 to produce the C13 10 C17 alkanes.

Yang's work this summer will be in Dr. Donald Bryant's lab. The research project is centered on biofuel, which is well suited to his biotechnology background. Yang shares, "This experience will benefit me pursuing higher academic degrees in biotechnology in the future."

Congratulations to Gregory, Yan, and Soo Jung! We know you will each do great work in your labs this summer.