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Become an Alumni Mentor

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You can make an impact on a student's life by becoming a mentor.  Mentors serve as guides to students, answering questions, giving advice and helping them to learn more about their field of interest and about themselves

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How can I enroll in the program?

If you are an alumnus of the Eberly College of Science then you are eligible to mentor a science student. Once we receive your application, we will match you with a student whose interests closely align with your professional experience. You will be assigned a student so that your mentoring partnership can continue throughout the student's remaining undergraduate years. The only requirement is that you attend a Mentoring Kickoff Dinner and Workshop where you will have the opportunity to meet your student protege in person, learn more about the mentoring program, and work with your protege to develop goals and action steps for participation in the program. This Mentoring Kickoff Dinner will take place in February each year.

It is possible to enroll after the February event, when every attempt will be made to match you with an available protege. You would then be expected to attend the dinner for the following year along with your protege.


What should I expect as a participant in the mentoring program?

Regular communication will help you and your protege to get the most out of the program. Mentors/proteges can communicate with one another via e-mail, phone and visits to your workplace, if you so choose. This is not a job placement program. You are not expected to offer employment or internships to the student you are mentoring. You are simply asked to communicate regularly with the student as the two of you see fit. The student may have questions about areas of study, career options, or your career or area(s) of expertise and interest.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please complete the online application or contact Dawn Ebbs at (814) 863-3705,