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At the time you receive the offer of an appointment (or shortly after), you will be sent a package of information with a variety of forms to complete and informational materials. The key forms and procedures in the appointment process include the following:



The Memorandum of Personal Service defines the type of position you have been offered and stipulates the hire date, the annual salary in relation to the weeks of service to be provided, and the status of the position with respect to academic tenure. This document is typically included with the letter of offer, and your signature, accepting the offer, launches all subsequent procedures. Return the signed document to your department head.



Penn State verifies the receipt of academic degrees and credentials, and conducts reference and background checks for all new employees. Immediately upon acceptance of the offer, your next step should be to complete the Disclosure Statement and/or the Consent Form (included with your New Hire Package). Employees who are foreign nationals complete only the Disclosure Statement, since all foreign nationals already receive a background check at the time the visa is granted. The forms are to be returned directly to the Office of Human Resources (the address is on the form). The process typically takes a few days, and upon its satisfactory completion, all other appointment procedures can proceed.


Any time after your acceptance of the offer and upon your next visit to University Park, we recommend that you complete these procedures, which are critical to the processing of your appointment and to your registration for benefits.

I-9 Form - The I-9 Form verifies an employee's identity and eligibility to work. A copy of the form and information about the process will be included in the New Hire Package. The process requires you to present the originals of key documents at the time the form is completed. For United States citizens and those holding Permanent Residency in the U.S., the I-9 is completed at your departmental main office. For foreign nationals, the I-9 is completed at the University's International Scholars Office (your departmental staff will assist you in making an appointment).

Alien Information Form - Foreign national employees are also required to complete this form, which will be in the New Hire Package. It is recommended that immediately after you visit the International Scholars Office to complete the I-9, you visit the University Payroll Office nearby.

Social Security Number - During the visit to the International Scholars Office to complete the I-9, foreign nationals will receive information about how to apply for a Social Security Number, and it is advisable to follow up immediately with a visit to the local Social Security Office. Many of the same documents that can be used to complete the I-9 Form can also be used in the Social Security process.

W-4 Form - The W-4 Form, provided in the New Hire Package, is required under Federal regulations, and guides the process of withholding taxes from your salary. As soon as you have information about where you will be living locally, please complete this form and return it to your department main office.

Access Account - The Penn State Access Account generates a unique electronic identifier for each employee, which can be used to access e-mail, and permits the employee to log into secure campus web sites. The Access Account makes it possible for you to register for and/or change benefits choices, review personal information in their employee record, to register for professional development opportunities, and more. The Access Account Application will be in your New Hire Package, and we advise that on your next visit to campus after accepting the appointment, you visit one of the Center for Academic Computing locations to register for your account.


All new employees of the University are issued a Penn State ID number. The Penn State ID Card can be used under situations that required a photo ID (when cashing a check, for example). The card is used to sign books out from the University Libraries. Employees may link the card to a PNC Bank checking account and use it as an ATM/debit card. They may also choose to join the Faculty/Staff Club (offering a variety of social and networking opportunities), the FitLion Program (providing access to on-campus fitness facilities), or use LionCash+ (providing on-campus discounts for food). An authorization form to obtain the Penn State ID card will be in your New Hire Package, and we suggest that the employee visit the ID+ Office upon arrival on campus.


All new employees are required to read and sign this form. The document, provided in your New Hire Package, refers the employee to several University policies, found here, and upon signature, should be returned to your department main office. Please let your department head know if you have any questions.


We suggest that on your next visit to campus after you have accepted the appointment, you explore opening a local bank account. The Salary Deposit Request Form permits the direct-deposit of your paychecks, as well as travel reimbursements, travel advances and other payments into your bank account. Note that direct-deposit is a Penn State requirement. Return the form to your department office.


You may, at any time, look over Penn State 's benefits options by visiting the Benefits web site (, click on "Employee Benefits"). Once you have accepted the position and have obtained your Access Account, (your PSU computer account) you have 30 days from the start of your appointment to complete the benefits registration process. Your New Hire Package will contain additional information.


Once you have a local address and know the address of your office, you will want to complete this form and turn it in at your main department office. Note that an employee may choose to have both work and home information in the published directory, or just the work information.


If you are injured in the course of performing your job at Penn State, expenses associated with the injury may be covered under the Workers Compensation Program. There are specific procedures that must be followed in order to comply with the Workers Compensation Act. The form summarizes these procedures and your signature indicates that you have read and understood them. Return the signed form to your main office.


You may have received this form during the course of your application for the position. If you completed it during that process, you do not need to submit another one. Completion of the document is optional.


This form asks for a brief summary of information that typically is on your c.v. and is used to prepare reports about new faculty members for the University Board of Trustees.