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BMB Minor

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BMB minor curriculum and application.

BMB Minor

The BMB minor is offered to recognize students who are not BMB majors but who have chosen to emphasize the study of life processes at the molecular and cellular level. The minor requires course work in the triad of overlapping areas of biochemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology. A requirement for a basic laboratory course introduces students to some of the more commonly used techniques of molecular biology. Thus, the curriculum consists of:

Curriculum for BMB Minor.
Course Name Credits
BMB 251 – Molecular and Cell Biology I 
3 crs
BMB 252 – Molecular and Cell Biology II
3 crs
BMB 400 – Molecular Biology of the Gene
2 - 3 crs
BMB 401 – General Biochemistry I
3 crs
BMB 402 – General Biochemistry II 3 crs
BMB 442 - Laboratory in Proteins, Nucleic Acids & Molecular Cloning 3 crs
BIOL 222 - Genetics or BIOL 322 - Genetic Analysis
3 crs
CHEM 110 - Chemical Principles I 3 crs
CHEM 112 - Chemical Principles II 3 crs
CHEM 210 - Organic Chemistry I 3 crs
CHEM 212 - Organic Chemistry II 3 crs
Elective in BMB at the 400-level 1 - 3 crs
33-35 crs

A grade of C or better is required in all courses specified for the BMB minor.

Note: BMB 408 (1-2) and BMB 496 (1-18) may not be used to fulfill requirements for the minor.


Students wishing to declare a minor must use LionPATH.

Declaring a minor does not guarantee enrollment in those courses, the future availability of those courses, or completion of the minor. Intent to pursue a minor may be declared after the student has achieved at least fifth semester classification and has been accepted into his/her major, but prior to the end of the late drop period of the student's final semester.

A student may not declare a minor that is the same as his/her major (e.g., a student majoring in Microbiology may not also declare a Microbiology minor).

Policy:  L-6 Minors - Entrance and Certification