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Micrb minor curriculum and application.

Micrb Minor

The Microbiology minor exists to recognize those students who wish to add a limited but sound understanding of microbiology to their major. The minor requires a minimum of two laboratory courses to provide some expertise in the handling, culturing, and counting of microorganisms. There is sufficient flexibility in the minor to permit a student to emphasize some specialty area of the field like virology, microbial genetics or pathogenic microbiology. Courses required in the minor are:

Courses required for Microbiology Minor:
Course Name Credits
CHEM 110 - Chemical Principals I 3 crs
CHEM 112 - Chemical Principals II 3 crs
MICRB 201 – Introductory Microbiology 3 crs
MICRB 202 – Introductory Microbiology Laboratory 2 crs
MICRB 251 – Molecular and Cell Biology I 3 crs
MICRB 410 – Principles of Immunology 3 crs

MICRB 421W (3 crs) – Laboratory of General and Applied Microbiology

or MICRB 422 (2 crs) – Medical Microbiology Laboratory

2-3 crs*
400-level MICRB electives
4-5 crs
24 credits

*If student takes 2 credits of MICRB 422 for their laboratory selection then they must take a minimum of 5 credits in the 400-level MICRB elective category.*

A grade of C or better is required in all courses specified for the MICRB minor.

Note: BMB/MICRB 442(3), MICRB 400(2), MICRB 408(1-2), BMB/MICRB 496(1-18) and MICRB 497(1-9) may not be used to fulfill the requirements for the minor.


Students wishing to declare a minor must use LionPATH.

Declaring a minor does not guarantee enrollment in those courses, the future availability of those courses, or completion of the minor. Intent to pursue a minor may be declared after the student has achieved at least fifth semester classification and has been accepted into his/her major, but prior to the end of the late drop period of the student's final semester.

A student may not declare a minor that is the same as his/her major (e.g., a student majoring in Microbiology may not also declare a Microbiology minor).

Policy:  L-6 Minors - Entrance and Certification