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Forensic Science Major - Chemistry Option

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Our program is designed to provide a strong general criminalistics education to all students, but allows room for students to individualize their education experience towards specific degree and career goals. We offer two degree options – biology or chemistry – for students to choose from. Toward the end of sophomore year, students choose an option to help tailor their degree.

The chemistry option provides a deeper understanding of and hands-on lab experience in analytical, physical, and inorganic chemistry. Those selecting the chemistry option can learn more in-depth about the forensic analysis of controlled substances, trace evidence, fire debris, ignitable liquids, and firearms and gunshot residue.

Students also select additional electives that further help tailor their degree towards their specific interests and needs. Some of the areas in which we offer electives are anthropology, biology, genetics, toxicology, criminal justice, criminology, chemistry, entomology, and psychology.