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Diana Kolbe, Ph.D.

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After I graduated from Penn State, I went directly to a graduate school program in computational biology where I did research in genome analysis. The projects I worked on mostly revolved around finding non-protein-coding genes within the large amounts of genomic DNA that's currently being sequenced.Diana Kolbe, Ph.D.

My undergraduate research experience gave me a good start in terms of thinking about how to plan experiments and interpret results.

Since finishing my Ph.D., I've been working at the National Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), part of the National Institutes of Health. There's a lot of really exciting work going on - everything from cancer biology to undiagnosed diseases to basic mechanisms of gene regulation.

Even though I've moved away from doing bench research into the area of computational analysis, my background in Molecular Biology has been really important for understanding how the data is generated, and based on that, what the experiment can (or can't) tell you.