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Josh Yoder, Ph.D.

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The BMB program was great training for a career in science. The coursework gave me a solid background that I could have used to pursue many different career paths. I became interested in virus research early in my undergraduate career.

Being in the BMB department gave me the opportunity to join a lab that allowed me to explore my interests while gaining valuable practical experience and a chance to evaluate my interest in a research career in a real world environment rather than just a classroom exercise.

Josh and Jennifer Yoder

The combination of high quality coursework and laboratory training provided me with the background needed to get into a top graduate program in my field (Ph.D. Program in Virology at Harvard).

Over ten years after graduating, I continue to receive excellent mentoring from my undergraduate research advisor, Dr. Craig Cameron. This mentoring has been invaluable in my career decision making process as well as in making contact with key individuals in academia and industry to further my career.

Joining the BMB program at Penn State was a key decision early in my career and the experiences it provided me continue to benefit my career over a decade after graduating.

In photo: Josh (class of 2000) and Jennifer (Wood, class of 2002), Abraham (class of 2032)