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Natalie Hutnick, Ph.D.

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The Penn State BMB degree provides an exceptional framework for future success.

Natalie HutnickI graduated with  Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania in 2010. I truly believe that if not for my Penn State experience, I would not have been accepted into such a prestigious graduate program. Penn State offers exceptional coursework, faculty, and research opportunities that consistently make PSU graduates top candidates for academic and industry positions alike.

The Penn State BMB degree provides an exceptional framework for future success. As a first year Ph.D. student, I was able to opt out of some of the introductory courses and take classes that I found more interesting and relevant to my career goals because my classes from Penn State were so advanced.  The BMB program has a strong focus on laboratory classes. As a summer intern and new graduate student, thanks to my laboratory classes and independent research, I was already comfortable working in a laboratory, interpreting data and writing scientific papers.

The BMB faculty also provides exceptional support to help students reach or exceed their goals. Though Penn State is a large University, the BMB program provides a small, personal community within the larger system. BMB classes are small enough that you know and interact with the faculty and your classmates.

Lastly, but possibly most importantly, the BMB faculty provides exceptional research mentorship. I started independent research in Dr. Andrea Mastro's lab studying breast cancer as a sophomore. This opportunity leads to summer research fellowships, the opportunity to attend national scientific meetings, pharmaceutical internships, a first author paper, and ultimately consistently ranking as a top recruit for graduate school.

The opportunity to engage in first class research in a supportive learning environment is an irreplaceable experience. The mentorship of Dr. Mastro, combined with the benefits of the BMB program gave me an advantage above my peers from other Universities, which has since allowed me to meet and exceed my educational goals. You will not find a better program to prepare you for future scientific success.