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Detailed course information, for Biological Sciences and Biology courses taught by the BMB department. Online course syllabi available to the PSU community by semester.


BI SC 002 (GN) Genetics, Ecology, and Evolution (3) The study of how living organisms inherit their traits, how plants and animals evolved, and how they now interact. Students who have passed BIOL 033, 110, 220W, or 222 may not schedule this course.

BI SC 004 (GN) Human Body: Form and Function (3) A general survey of structure and function--from conception, through growth and reproduction, to death. Students who have passed BIOL 129 and 141 may not schedule this course. 


BIOLOGY (BIOL) taught by the BMB Department

BIOL 222 Genetics (3) Variation and heredity in plants and animals, including man; relationships of genetical knowledge to evolution and breeding practices.
Prerequisite: 3 credits in biological sciences