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Detailed course information, for Biotechnology. Online course syllabi available to the PSU community by semester.


BIOTC 416 (MICRB 416) Microbial Biotechnology (2) Fundamentals of applied biotechnology; the use of microorganisms in the synthesis of biologically-important and industrially-useful products. Prerequisite: MICRB 201, MICRB 202;B M B 442 or MICRB 442  

BIOTC 459 (HORT 459, BIOL 459) Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology (3) Principles and techniques for the in vitro culture, propagation, and genetic manipulations of plant cells. Prerequisite: BIOL 230W ; or B M B 251, B M B 252  

BIOTC 460 (AGRO 460) Advances and Applications of Plant Biotechnology (3) This course provides a comprehensive overview and current status of plant biotech research. The course provides knowledge of plant systems that fall in the category of GMOs.
Prerequisite: BIOL 230W, B M B 251 or equivalent  

BIOTC 479 Methods in Biofermentations (3) Bioprocessing principles and development; uses and operation of biofermentors; determination of biomass; problems of scale-up.
Prerequisite: MICRB 201, MICRB 202;B M B 251, B M B 252, B M B 442  

BIOTC 489 (V SC 489) Animal Cell Culture Methods (3) An overview of animal cell culture methodology and its practical application in bioprocess technology.
Prerequisite: MICRB 201, MICRB 202;BIOL 230W o rB M B 251