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Forensic Science

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FRSNC 413 Fall 2017
Criminalistics: Biology (3 credits) - Laboratory-based examination of forensic evidence; biological fluid identification, hair microscopy.
FRSNC 210 Fall 2017
Essential Practices of Forensic Science (3 credits) - Practices of forensic science including documentation, microscopy, communication of results, and integration of concepts from other sciences, mathematics, and statistics.
FRSNC 100 Fall 2017
Introduction to Forensic Science (3 credits) - Introduction forensic science.
FRSNC 410 Fall 2017
A Scientific Approach to Crime Scene Investigation (2 credits) - Principles of crime scene investigation with empahsis on scientific philosophy, concepts, and procedures.
FRSNC 415W Fall 2017
Laboratory in Crime Scene Investigation (2 credits) - Laboratory course covering crime scene investigation with emphasis on scientific philosophy, concepts, procedures, problem solving, and hands-on activities.