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Microbiology (MICRB)

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MICRB 106 Fall 2017
Elementary Microbiology (3 credits) - Importance of microorganisms in health and disease, agriculture, and industry; descriptive course for students not planning advanced study in microbiology. The combination of MICRB 106 GN and 107 GN must be taken to receive General Education credit in biology.
MICRB 201H Fall 2017
Introductory Microbiology (3 credits) - Elementary principles of microbial and viral structure, reproduction, genetics and physiology; relationship to food, water, soil, industrial and disease processes.
MICRB 251 Fall 2017
Molecular and Cell Biology I (3 credits) - Biomolecules, genetic mechanisms, organization of cells and their organelles, DNA replication, protein synthesis, membranes, the cell nucleus, energy conversion.
MICRB 401 Fall 2017
Microbial Physiology and Structure (3 credits) - Physiology and structure of bacteria important in microbiological research. Designed for science majors.
MICRB 410 Fall 2017
Principles of Immunology (3 credits) - Theories of immunity; focuses on the basis for the acquired immune response at the organ, cell, and molecular levels.
MICRB 416 Fall 2017
Microbial Biotechnology (2 credits) - Fundamentals of applied biotechnology; the use of microorganisms in the synthesis of biologically-important and industrially-useful products.
MICRB 421W Fall 2017
Laboratory of General and Applied Microbiology (3 credits) - Laboratory exercises demonstrating fundamental techniques and principles of experimentation of general and applied microbiology.