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Application for Section 004: Gene Regulation

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Applications for a research position in the field of Gene Regulation (B M B 488, section 004). This section is restricted to those students receiving permission from a CEGR faculty member. If interested in this section of BMB 488, you must apply for Independent Research in one of the following Labs: Lu Bai, David Gilmour, Shaun Mahony, Frank Pugh, Joseph Reese, Song Tan, Yanming Wang.

Applications will be reviewed starting immediately.  If you have been selected for an interview, you will be contacted.  Priority will be given to applications submitted by November 1.


Schreyer Scholar  
Current Independent Research Lab Which CERG lab are you currently working in for BMB 496?

496 Lab Application If you are not currently in 496 with a CERG faculty member, have you completed a BMB 496 application?