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Application For Independent Research

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496 Applicant Information Sheet

Please review the Policy for Arranging Independent Research (496) in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology prior to submitting an application.

Application Process:

  1. Review the listing of Faculty research interests and student selection criteria for a) research interests and b) qualifications the individual required to participate in 496 works in his or/her lab (i.e., minimum GPA or semester standing).  The Faculty listed below are currently accepting applications for Spring 2019.
  2. Select four faculty laboratories with whom you would be most interested to work with and indicate them on the application information sheet.
  3. APPLICANT INFORMATION SHEETS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THE END OF THE 8TH WEEK OF CLASSES (Friday, October 12, 2018) FOR 496 POSITIONS TO BE FILLED THE FOLLOWING SEMESTER (Spring 2019). The deadline for admission to summer session and fall semester positions will be the eighth week of the preceding spring semester.
Starting location for Undergraduate Studies   Where did you start your undergraduate studies?

From the list of open positions in faculty labs, please list four faculty you would be interested in working.   Please select 4 from the list below.