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Short description of the BMB major.


The BMB major invites students to the study of life at the molecular and cellular levels. The Biochemistry Option emphasizes the chemistry of life, addressing such topics as the structure and function of macromolecules, enzyme kinetics, energy flow in a living cell, and methods used to measure physical parameters of macromolecules. It is the most quantitative of the curricula offered by the department and requires a substantial background in chemistry and physics. The Molecular and Cell Biology Option emphasizes how the living cell carries out the necessary functions of life. A sample of topics addr essed in this option includes how cells sense their environment, mechanisms by which they respond to changes in their environment, the means by which they control multiplication and differentiation, and the various functions they serve in higher forms of life. Genetics -- gene structure and organization, gene products, and gene regulation – is integral to all the areas studied in both Options. Learn more about the BIOCH option and MCB option.

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