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Why the BMB Department?

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Eberly College of Science offers undergraduate students a choice of majors in 3 of the most exciting areas of the life sciences:

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If you have some familiarity with and think you would enjoy learning more about issues like genomics, cloning, stem cells, oncogenes, microarrays, emerging diseases, and HIV, you will discover that studying in one of the majors of the BMB Department will be a stimulating adventure. You will also discover that your major can lead to many exciting and highly rewarding careers. Be sure to check out all the opportunities of being a BMB, Micrb, or Biotc major at Penn State.

Research Opportunities

BMB also offers you the opportunity to perform undergraduate research working with faculty on cutting-edge research projects.  Approximately 80 undergraduates enroll in Independent Research each semester and gain valuable experience working in a lab.

Student Organizations

There several student organizations for students interested in biochemistry and molecular biology and microbiology.