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2011 Awardees

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List of recipients for 2011 awards.

Frederick C. Wedler Honors Dissertation Award For Outstanding Research By An Undergraduate In The Department

  • Katelyn Masiuk (BMB) - "Terminal Differentiation Regulated by ALK5 in Preneoplastic Keratinocytes"

2011 Spring Commencement Standard Bearers

  • BMB - Katelyn Masiuk escorted by Dr. Adam Glick (AG SC)
  • MICRB - Jonathan Chekan escorted by Dr. J. Martin Bollinger
  • BIOTC - Danial Arif Ahmad Nordin escorted by Dr. Ola Sodeinde

2011 Department College Awards

  • Joseph Basedow – recipient of the Cleveland Harding Facings Award
  • Daniel Bloodgood – recipient of the Stiles Award
  • Benjamin Chambers – recipient of the Thompson in BMB Award
  • Ryan Fine –recipient of the Davey Scholarship
  • Megan Fisher – recipient of the Miller Scholarship
  • Christin Folker – recipient of the Hutchings Scholarship
  • Sarah Hill – recipient of the Anderson Memorial Award
  • Zachary Hostetler – recipient of the Venezie Scholarship
  • Megan Hurry – recipient of the Lewman- Ott Award
  • Joyce Lee – recipient of the Morrow Award
  • Diane Libert – recipient of the Morrow Award
  • Jessica Meyer – recipient of the Gilmore Memorial Award
  • Sarah Moore – recipient of the Herko Family Scholarship
  • David Posocco – recipient of the Tershak Scholarship
  • Angela Reiber – recipient of the Lewman-Ott Award. 
  • Emily Rutan – recipient of the Shigley Scholarship
  • Chetan Safi – recipient of the Atlas Award
  • Timothy Wang – recipient of the Foster Memorial Scholarship 
  • Lin Yao – recipient of the Bright Life Science Scholarship
  • Yevgeniy Yuzefpolskiy – recipient of the Gerth Scholarship 
  • Tifffany Zak – recipient of the Maginnis Memorial Award

2011 Summer Research Awards

  • Michelle Guignet (BMB) Research Advisor, Melissa Rolls Lab - Jacqueline Hemming Whitfield Student Research Endowment
  • Kian Hui Yeoh (BIOTC) - Research Advisor, Scott Selleck Lab - John Lapinski Summer Scholar Award & Paul and Mildred Berg Endowment for Eberly College of Science Summer Research
  • Risha Khetarpai (BMB) - Research Advisor, Lorraine Santy Lab - Edward B. Nelson Undergraduate Summer Research Award
  • Chyue Yie Chew (BIOTC) - Research Advisor, Donald Bryant Lab - Jacqueline Hemming Whitfield Student Research Endowment, Edward B. Nelson Undergraduate Summer Research Award, Paul and Mildred Berg Endowment for Eberly College of Science Summer Research, & the Charles & Vicki Grier Undergraduate Research Award

2011 Undergraduate Discovery Summer Grant Recipient

  • Christopher Natale (BMB) -"The Role of Type-1 S-Locus F-Box Protein in S-RNase-Based Self-Incompatibility in Petunia"

2011 Undergraduate Exhibition

  • Benjamin Chambers (MICRB) and Hoon Chang (BMB) won first place in the Health & Life Sciences Division