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2013 Awardees

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List of recipients for 2013 awards.

B M B Department awards and Eberly College of Science designated department awards for 2013

  • Jacob Boyer – recipient of the Atlas Scholarship
  • Nicholas Rizer – recipient of the Atlas Scholarship
  • Jordan Antetomaso – recipient of the Bright Scholarship
  • Danielle Sabelli – recipient of the Cleveland Harding Facing
  • Daniel Centnar – recipient of the Davey Scholarship
  • Chang Cui – recipient of the Foster Scholarship
  • Geoffrey Gao – recipient of the Foster Scholarship
  • Katelyn Brandt – recipient of the Gerth Award
  • Stephen Lavanier – recipient of the Gilmore Grant-In-Aid
  • Jacob Wozniak – recipient of the Herko Family Scholarship
  • Emily Rutan – recipient of the Hutchings Scholarship
  • Andrew Bryant – recipient of the Maginnis Scholarship
  • Christopher Rae – recipient of the Miller Scholarship
  • Ryan Henrici – recipient of the Morrow Family Scholarship
  • Jessica Meyer – recipient of the Shigley Award
  • Stephanie Crilly – recipient of the Stiles Scholarship
  • Zhen Du – recipient of the Stiles Scholarship
  • Kelly McGill – recipient of the Stiles Scholarship
  • Grace Lee – recipient of the Thompson (BMB) Scholarship

Summer Undergraduate Research Funds

  • Gregory Babunovic (Keiler Lab) Grier Award
  • Yang Liu (Bryant Lab) Nelson Award
  •  Soojung Kim (Bia Lab) Nelson Award and Lapinski Award

Summer Discovery Grant

  • Joyce Lee (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    "Investigation of the Role of DnaJ-2 in the Proper Development of the Drosophila Neuromuscular Junction"

  • Kelly McGill (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    "Determining the Role of Vitamin D3 Receptors in Regulatory B Cells and Experimental Inflammatory Bowel Disease"

  • Nick Michael (BIOTC)
    Eberly College of Science
    "Determining the Molecular Organization of Dendrites in Drosophila Neurons"

  • Yee Voan Teo (MICRB)
    Krasilnikova Lab
    "Molecular Mechanism of Unscheduled Replication at Friedreich's Ataxia GAA Repeat"

Frederick C. Wedler Honors Dissertation Award For Outstanding Research By An Undergraduate In The Department

  • Amarpteet Kaur Ahluwalia (BMB) Research Adviser, Philip C. Bevilacqua.  Honors Adviser David Tu.  Thesis title "A Computational and Experimental Approach to the Analysis of Ionized Nucleobases.


Other outstanding awards:

  •  Katherine Chung (BMB) recipient of the Intel Scholarship for Employee's Children.


Standard Bearers Spring 2013

  • BMB - Emily Dong escorted by Dr. Howard Salis
  • MICRB - Timothy Wang escorted by Dr. Carl Sillman
  • BIOTC - Adam Clemens escorted by Mark Guiltinan