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2015 Awardees

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List of recipients for 2015 awards

2015 Undergraduate Exhibition

  • Ryan Henrici (BMB) won first place in the Health and Life Sciences Division and first place in University  Libraries Award for Information for his research, "Crystal Structure of the PRC1 Ubiquitylation Module Bound to the Nucleosome."
  • Divya Hosangadi (MICRB) received an honorable mention in the Health and Life Sciences Division for her research project titled "Investigating the Target of Trans-Translation Inhibitor KKL-35."
  • Lauren Larue (BMB) and Michelle Kilmer (BMB) won second place in the Health and Life Science Division for their research "The Role of the Rcs Phosphorelay in the Development of Antibiotic Ressistance."
  • Rhea Sullivan, Science pre-major with intended Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, was awarded first place Schreyer Honors College ROAR (Recording of Academic Research) award.  Her research project was titled "C elegans".


American Society for Microbiology Undergraduate Research

  • Amanda Reese (BMB) - Lindner Lab
  • Alaina Zappas (BMB) _ Ades Lab


Erickson Discovery Grant

  • Sarah Chang (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Investigating the Role of Mitochondrial sirtuins in Oxidative Stress Response
  • Uree Chon (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Determining X-ray Crystal Structure of Gram Positive Bacteria Bacillus subtilis for Antibiotic Advancement
  • Declan Evans (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Biophysical Characterization of the Medipal Domain of TRPB
  • Terry Hafer (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Identification of Proteins Involved in Dendritic Regeneration Mechanisms of Drosophila melanogaster
  • Michelle Kilmer (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Impact of Rcs Phosphorelay for E. coli Cells That Show Increased Resistance Against Beta-Lactam Antibiotics
  • Tim Kunz (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Visualizing and Understanding Chromatin Interactions Using Self Organizing Maps
  • Erin Vrana (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Investigation of Gene Regulation During Malaria Transmission
  • Anna Wing (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    The Role of Transcription-coupled DNA Repair Proteins in mRNA Degradation


Summer Undergraduate Research Funds:

  • Jesse Ruben (Krasilnikova Lab) John and Paige Lapinski Award
  • Alaina Zappas (Ades Lab) Paul and Mildred Berg Award


Fred C. Wedler Honors Dissertation Award for Outstanding Research By An Undergraduate in The Department

  • Ryan Henrici (BMB) Research Adviser, Song Tan, Honors Adviser Teh-hui Kao. These title "Structural and Biochemical Characterization of Chromatin Enzymes".


Other outstanding awards:

  • Christopher Rae (BMB) - recipient of Gates Cambridge Scholarship
  • Ryan Henrici (BMB) - recipient of Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Award
  • Ryan Henrici (BMB) - recipient of Goldwater Scholarship
  • Ryan Henrici (BMB) - recipient of the Eric A. Walker Award


2015 Spring Commencement - Standard Bearers

  • B M B - Kelly McGill
  • MICRB - Stephanie Crilly
  • BIOTC - Sin Yen Tan