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2016 Awardees

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List of recipients for 2016 Awards

BMB Department awards and Eberly College of Science designated department awards for 2016

Other outstanding awards in Fall 2016:

  • Matthew Allan (BMB) Morrow Family Scholarship
  • Jonathan Bergman (MICRB) Tershak Scholarship
  • Caitlin Guinan (BIOTC) Ott (Lewman) Scholarship
  • Rebecca Guth (BMB) Atlas Scholarship, Foster Scholarship
  • Katie Herbst (BMB) Gerth Scholarship
  • Vienna Huso (BMB) Miller Scholarship, Shigley Scholarship
  • Michael Maslowski (BIOTC) Maginnis Scholarship
  • Kamelea Megahed (BIOTC) Ott (Lewman) Scholarship
  • Yung Kin Mok (BMB) Stiles Scholarship
  • Ryan Mouery (BMB) Arthur Anderson Memorial Scholarship
  • Brandon Mouery (BMB) Herko Scholarship
  • Jumi Pak (BIOTC) Ott (Lewman) Scholarship
  • Somi Pak (BIOTC) Ott (Lewman) Scholarship
  • Mit Patel (BMB) Miller Scholarship
  • Turner Pecen (BMB) Gilmore Grant-in-Aid
  • Alex Smith (BMB) Venezie Scholarship
  • Mila Tamminga (BMB) Hutchings Scholarship
  • Michaela Wadsworth (BIOTC) Ott (Lewman) Scholarship
  • Michael Yi (MICRB) Bright Scholarship
  • Brandon Yonel (BMB) Cleveland Harding Facing Award


DAAD-RISE (Research Internships in Science and Engineering) Scholars (Germany)

  • Sanjana Marikunte (Santy Lab) DAAD-RISE scholar (Summer)
  • Mia Sievers (Ades Lab) DAAD-RISE scholar (Summer)
  • Mila Tamminga (Rolls Lab) DAAD-RISE scholar (Summer)

Summer Undergraduate Research Funds:

  • Julian Stoute (Thomas Lab) Edward B Nelson Undergraduate Research Fund
  • Sydney Miller (Keiler Lab) Edward B Nelson Undergraduate Research Fund
  • Timothy Kunz (Mahony Lab) Edward B Nelson Undergraduate Research Fund
  • Julian Stoute (Thomas Lab) Paul and Mildred Berg Endowed Undergraduate Research Fellowship
  • Ayush Thomas (Girirajan Lab) Charles and Vick Grier Undergraduate Research Fellowship Fund
  • Andrew Murtha (Miyashiro Lab) John and Paige Lapinski Undergraduate Research Fund
  • Sydney Miller (Keiler Lab) Jacqueline Hemming Whitfield Student Research Endowment

American Society for Microbiology Undergraduate Research Fellowship

  • Kokila Shankar (Biology) - Szpara Lab
  • Caroline Steingard (Science) - Miyashiro Lab
  • Erin Vrana (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) - Lindner Lab

Spring 2016 award

  • Nicole Laganke - (BMB) Thompson Scholarship

Erickson Discovery Grant

  • Jennifer Curtis (BMB)

Eberly College of Science

Selenoprotein Effect on Francisella Infection and Replication in Macrophage Cell

  • Adam Fenton (BMB)

Eberly College of Science

Identifying the Molecular Mechanism of Adenylosuccinate Lyase Deficiency, An Inborn Error of

Purine Metabolism

  • Steven Griffin (BMB)

Eberly College of Science

Determining Regulatory Proteins of the P25 Transcript in Plasmodium Yoelli

  • Haley Janowitz (BMB)

Eberly College of Science
Elucidation of the Metabolic Function of Adenylosuccinate lyase in Oogenesis and Reproductive

  • Paige Laughlin (BMB)

Eberly College of Science
The Investigation of Antibiotic Resistance to Beta-Lactam Antibiotic meropenem

  • Hansa Nawani (BMB)

Eberly College of Science
Study of the Effects of R-loops and G-quartets on Replication Forks Progression

  • Tanmay Patel (BMB)

Eberly College of Science
Characterization of Genes Required by Francisella tularensis for Growth at Cytosolic pH

  • Alexander Smith (BMB)

Eberly College of Science
Genome-wide Screen for Induction of Phosphoethanolamine Modifications on


  • Rhea Sullivan (BMB)

Eberly College of Science
Characterizing Autism Spectrum Disorder 16p11.2 Deletion in C. elegans

2016 Undergraduate Exhibition

  • Nathan Arnett, (BMB) won third place in the Course-Based Projects, for his poster titled, "Barriers to the Commercialization of Desalination Technologies in the Developing World."
  • Sarah Chang, (BMB) of Hanna-Rose Lab, won third place in the Health and Life Sciences Division. Her research was titled “Mitochondrial sirtuins Regulate Lifespan.”
  • Adam Fenton and Haley Janowitz, (BMB) of Hanna-Rose Lab, won second place in the Health and Life Sciences Division for their research project titled, “Elucidating the Mechanism of Reproductive and Locomotive Defects in an Inborn Error of Purine Biosynthesis.”
  • Elijah LaSota, (BMB) of Miyashiro Lab, won second place in the Health and Life Sciences Division for his poster titled, “Intraspecific Competition Impacts Vibrio fischeri Strain Diversity During Initial Colonization of the Squid Llight Organ.”
  • Carolyn Steingard, (Science) of Miyashiro Lab, won second place in the Health and Life Sciences Division for her research titled "Investigation of Polyclonal Vibrio fischeri Infections within the Squid Light Organ."
  • Jessie Larios Valencia, (Biology) of Miyashiro Lab, won first place in the Health and Life Sciences Division for her research titled "CysB-regulated Genes of Vibrio fischeri and Heterogeneously Expressed with the Squid Light Organ."
  • Samjeris Victor, (BMB) of Keiler Lab, won third place in the Health and Life Sciences Division for his research titled, “Investigation of the Molecular Targeting Mechanisms for the KKL-10 Class of trans-Translation Inhibitors.”
  • Erin Vrana, (BMB) of Lindner Lab, received the Phi Kappa Phi Peter T. Luckie Award for Excellence in Research by a Junior, for her research titled, "Assessing the Expression and Vaccine Candidate Potential of UIS12 in Plasmodium yoelii" in the Health and Life Sciences Division.

2016 Spring Commencement - Student Marshals

  • Eberly College of Science - Anna Wing
  • B M B - Grace Lee
  • MICRB - Jarrett Venezia
  • BIOTC - Killian McNeill