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2017 Awardees

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List of Recipients for 2017 awards.

BMB Department awards and Eberly College of Science designated department awards for 2017

Erickson Discovery Grant

Josef Blaszkiewicz (SCIEN)
Eberly College of Science
Investigation of the metabolic role of an NAD+ biosynthesis pathway in the embryonic development of multicellular organisms

Alex Grigas (BMB)
Eberly College of Science, College of the Liberal Arts
Bilayer Formation on Protocells

Rebecca Guth (BMB)
Eberly College of Science
Non-enzymatic RNA polymerization in coacervates

Isabel Hunsberger (SCIEN)
Eberly College of Science
The Search For Resistant Mutants of KKL-896 in Bacteria

Wasi Khatri (MICRB)
Eberly College of Science
Studying Differential Interactions between Pollen S-Locus F-Box Proteins and Pistil S-RNases Involved in Self/Non-Self Recognition

Amogh Kiran (SCIEN)
Eberly College of Science
The Effects of Breaking Spectrin Network via Tobacco Etch Virus Protease on Heart and Fight Muscle in Drosophila

Caitlin Komm (BMB)
Eberly College of Science
Genomic Instability and DNA Damage in Transdifferentiated Neurons

Sanjana Marikunte (BMB)
Eberly College of Science
Investigating the Role of the Cytohesin-2/ARNO Coiled-Coil Domain in Epithelial Cell Migration

Christian Morris (SCIEN)
Eberly College of Science
Determining Brain Regions Underlying an antidepressant-like Phenotype in Mice

Aleia Mouchref (MICRB)
Eberly College of Science
Investigating trait diversity among Vibrio fischeri symbionts within the squid light organ

Andrew Murtha (BMB)
Eberly College of Science
Communication Between Vibrio fischeri Populations within the Squid Light Organ

Alexandra Nader (MICRB)
Eberly College of Science
Role of Selenium in the Enzymatic Pathways and Phagocytic Functions of Inflamed Macrophages

Uyen Nguyen (BMB)
Eberly College of Science
Determining the structure of HelD, a novel binding partner of Bacillus subtilis RNA polymerase

Gregory Reilly (BMB)
Eberly College of Science
Examination of Protein-Protein Interaction of GRASP and its Impact on Cell Motility

Pratiti Roy (BMB)
Eberly College of Science
Mechanisms underlying the effects of edible mushrooms on gastrointestinal health

Taryn Ryan (BMB)
Eberly College of Science
ClpP Inhibition by 5-hydroxy-8-nitroquinoline

Mila Tamminga (MICRB)
Eberly College of Science
Effects of calcium on microtubule activity after explosive axon injury in Drosophila

Summer Undergraduate Research Funds

  • Catherine Karabasiafshar (Babitzke Lab) John and Paige Lapinski Undergraduate Research Fund, Jacqueline Hemming Whitfield Student Research Endowment
  • Sarah Sewdass (Broussard Lab) John and Paige Lapinski Undergraduate Research Fund
  • Austin Wittmer (Miyashiro Lab) Edward B Nelson Undergraduate Research Fund
  • Ziwei Yang (Cameron Lab) Charles and Vickie Grier Undergraduate Research Fund, Edward B Nelson Undergraduate Research Fund, Paul and Mildred Berg Endowed Undergraduate Research Fund


2017 Undergraduate Exhibition:

  • Erin Vrana, (BMB) won first place Health and Life Sciences for her poster in
    Characterization of the Role of UIS12 in Plasmodium yoelii Male Gametocyte Activation
  • Daniel Snellings, (BMB) won second place Health and Life Sciences for his poster in The Cost of Color: Investigating Pigmentation as a Bioindicator of Bee Nutrition


Other Outstanding awards in 2017

  • Abdulla Naouf (BMB) First place for his essay titled, "Special treatment is only fair". Collegiate Laws of Life Essay Contest sponsored by the Paterno Fellows Program and the College of the Liberal Arts.
  • Alexander Smith (BMB) Awarded a Goldwater Scholarship from the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation.


2017 Spring Commencement - Student Marshals

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Brandon Lee Mouery
  • Microbiology - Carmen Gu Liu
  • Biotechnology - Katie McNeil