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2010 Awardees

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List of recipients for 2010 awards.

student marshal

Spring 2010 Commencement Standard Bearers

BMB – Eric Q. Trinh

MICRB – Adam Blatt

BIOTC – Nur Zafirah Zaidan


Department/College Student Awards in 2010 – 2011


Awarded for Summer Research - 2010

  • Grier Research Award  - Marc O. Leshner          
  • Berg Award - Marc O. Leshner and Jiku Jose Manamtharayil
  • Lapinski  Award - Jiku Jose Manamtharayil
  • Nelson Award - Daniel Cybulski
  • Whitfield Research Award - Nyiramugisha Niyibizi

2010 Undergraduate Discovery Summer Grant Recipients

  • Esteban Luna (BMB), Melissa Rolls Lab - Diffusion Barriers in Drosophila Neurons
  • Abhinav Nair (BMB), Song Tan Lab - Development of TVMV Protease for Biotechnological Lab Work 
  • Kelsey Krebs (BIOL), Wendy Hanna-Rose Lab - Determining the Function of the Protein PNC-1 in Caenorhabditis Elegans

2010 Undergraduate Exhibition Award Winners

  • Jennifer Blackman (BMB) 3rd place Health and Life Sciences - Genetic and Biochemical Analysis of the Functions of Starch Branching Enzymes in Zea mays
  • Zahirah Md Yusoff (BIOTC) University Libraries Award for Information Literacy, Honorable Mention - Determining and Characterizing the X-ray Crystal Structure of the Archaeal Spt4/Spt5 Complex

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