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BMB Students Study at Fudan University in China

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Biology and BMB: Cellular and Reproductive Biology Summer Program in Shanghai through Penn State Global Programs.

BMB Students Study at Fudan University in China07 July 2014 — Wendy Hanna-Rose, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, led a group of eight University Park students to study at Fudan University in China for five weeks over the summer.  Penn State students had the opportunity to interact with Fudan University students and instructors. The course started one week after spring finals and ended in mid-June. Interested students enrolled in the Biology and BMB: Cellular and Reproductive Biology Summer Program in Shanghai through Penn State Global Programs. The study abroad experience provided these students with the opportunity to experience education unlike their own, live in a new country, immerse themselves in the culture and customs of another country, meet new people and earn six credits towards their college degrees. The program was specifically designed for the Eberly College of Science, life science majors at Penn State University. The specific courses were designed to enrich students’ understanding and sophistication in molecular cell biology and reproductive systems.  Students received three credits of BMB 252 Molecular and Cell Biology taught by Dr. Wendy Hanna-Rose and three credits of Biol 431 Reproductive Biology taught by Dr. Hong Ma from the Department of Biology at Penn State University, University Park. For BMB students in particular, BMB 252 is a course requirement and the biology course can be used to satisfy a 400 level elective or substitute for BMB 430.

The eight students include:  three biochemistry and molecular biology majors, Garrick Treaster, Laura Beebe and Steve Chung; three biology majors, Jessica O'Donnell, Janee Perry, Kyle Harrison; premed major Allison Gradone; and Engineering major (BMB minor) Peter Zhu.

Steve Chung says, "Being in China gave me the best opportunity to bond with several classmates from Penn State and Fudan alike. Experiencing social, cultural, and economic differences with them inevitably make them good friends, potentially lifelong friends."

Laura Beebe said, "I’m so glad I took this opportunity to visit Shanghai through the BMB department.  The program offers a rare chance to go abroad while also filling some essential academic requirements specific to biochemistry majors, and I found that taking my studies to the Chinese classroom really helped me to grow both as a student and as a scientist. Learning with students from the other side of the world brought me many new friends and good memories.  But most essentially, it gave me a small, yet important sense of global collaboration in the life sciences.  Of course, I also had many opportunities to explore China outside of the classroom (and gain a new understanding of culture outside of the petri dish) through food, visits to other cities, and just walking around Shanghai. I will treasure my five weeks spent in China, and I highly encourage other students to take advantage of the program as well”.  During their five-week stay, students and faculty were able to take day trips to Hangzhou and Nanjing. 

Students who are interested in attending the Penn State Global Programs, Biology and BMB: Cellular and Reproductive Biology Summer Program in Shanghai in Summer 2015, should contact Dr. Wendy Hanna-Rose at