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Erickson Summer Discovery Grant recipients

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Erickson-Discovery-Grant_ recipients2016 April 26 - The following people in the Eberly College of Science have been awarded the Rodney A. Erickson Discovery Grant. The Erickson Discovery Grant supports undergraduate student engagement in original research and creative work under the direct supervision of a faculty member.


Haley Janowitz, Rhea Sullivan, Adam Fenton, Tanmay Patel, Alex Smith, Steve Griffin, Jennifer Curtis, Hansa Nawani (not pictured: Paige Laughlin)


  • Jennifer Curtis (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Selenoprotein Effect on Francisella Infection and Replication in Macrophage Cells
  • Adam Fenton (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science 
    Identifying the Molecular Mechanism of Adenylosuccinate Lyase Deficiency, An Inborn Error of

    Purine Metabolism
  • Steven Griffin (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Determining Regulatory Proteins of the P25 Transcript in Plasmodium Yoelii
  • Haley Janowitz (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Elucidation of the Metabolic Function of Adenylosuccinate lyase in Oogenesis and Reproductive

  • Paige Laughlin (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    The Investigation of Antibiotic Resistance to Beta-Lactam Antibiotic meropenem
  • Hansa Nawani (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Study of the Effects of R-loops and G-quartets on Replication Forks Progression
  • Tanmay Patel (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Characterization of Genes Required by Francisella tularensis for Growth at Cytosolic pH
  • Alexander Smith (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Genome-wide Screen for Induction of Phosphoethanolamine Modifications on
  • Rhea Sullivan (BMB)
    Eberly College of Science
    Characterizing Autism Spectrum Disorder 16p11.2 Deletion in C. elegans

Congratulations to all of the recipients!