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Kelly McGill 2013 Discovery Grant Recipient

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Summer Discovery Grant Recipient

Kelly McGill

Kelly McGill, an undergraduate student working in the Cantorna Lab has just been awarded a 2013 Undergraduate Summer Discovery Grant in support of her project The Effects of 1,25 dihyroxyvitamin D3 on B10 cells in an experimental model of IBD.  Kelly is a junior Biochemistry and Molecular Biology student.  In the lab she will focus on the effects of the biologically active form of vitamin D on a subset of B cells that downregulates inflammation.  She hopes her research will aid in the development of better therapies and treatments for IBD diseases like Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's disease. 

What would you tell a friend who wants to get involved in research?

Research experience definitely helps to prepare your mind.  I would tell a friend to leap at the chance to get involved with research.  It was a rewarding experience that teaches one patience, determination, integrity, and perseverance.  Though some days are long and frustrating, the feeling of joy when a question has been answered, a new solution suggests itself, or when you can finally take a complicated concept and turn it into a simple explanation, makes it all worthwhile. 

Kelly's post graduation plans are to attend graduate school and earn her MD and Ph. D.  She would like to become a professor at an accredited, premiere university and teach students about the science involved in biochemical interactions in the human body.