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Nicholas Lee Michael Receives Undergraduate Discovery Grant

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Summer Discovery Grant Recipient

Portrait of Nick MichaelNick Michael, a senior majoring in Biotechnology with the General Option, was awarded an Undergraduate Discovery Grant.  The grant will support Nick’s research project titled, “Determining the Molecular Organization of Dendritic Branch Points in Drosophila Neurons.”  The project will focus on neurons, which are highly organized cells that two have specialized protrusions, axons and dendrites. The dendrites are branched structures, and we have found that there are many different proteins and other cell structures that are specifically localized to the branch points.  The main focus of his project is to try and determine the pathway that guides these components to the branch points. Nick will be working in the research lab of Dr. Melissa Rolls.

What would you tell a friend who wants to get involved in research?

I would tell them getting involved with research is one of the best things they can do with their time in college. Working in the research lab has been the most rewarding learning experience that I have had throughout my time at Penn State. In addition to that, you get to meet new people with similar interests who have had a variety of experiences that are more than willing to help you figure out what you want to do with your future.

After graduation, Nick has plans to attend medical school.