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Faculty, staff, and student awards for 2008
  • Joseph Reese received the Howard B. Palmer Faculty Mentoring Award

  • The 2007 Annual Paper Prize of the Rebeiz Foundation for Basic Research was awarded to Dr. Donald A. Bryant and his student, Dr. Aline Gomez Maqueo Chew, for their paper on the "Characterization of a Plant-like Protochlorophyllide a Divinyl Reductase in Green Sulfur Bacteriaā€¯. The paper appeared in J. Biol. Chem. 282-2967-2975 (2007).  In selecting the paper for the second RFFBR Paper Award, The Foundation Board of Directors felt that the described work will greatly benefit other chloroplast researchers, and consolidate our knowledge of the chlorophyll biosynthetic pathway. (paper summary) (press release)   (10/08)

  • Wei Jiang (Bollinger/Krebs labs) was the winner of the first Richard L. and Norma L. McCarl Graduate Scholarship Endowment in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology (BMMB). Many BMMB students were nominated this year, and we should thank the selection (GAC) committee for their efforts. As many of you know, Wei is one is BMB's most "decorated" graduate students, and she was honored at a dinner hosted by several former students of Dr. McCarl. (10/3/08)

  • Kang Zhou (Hanna-Rose lab) and Suting Zheng (Reese lab) were the co-recipients of the Paul Berg Prize in Molecular Biology.  They were recognized at the Marker Lectures in Genetic Engineering.  (9/08)

  • Tershak Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award -- David Gilmour. Dave is the first BMB faculty member to win this award twice - he previously won the Tershak back in 1994-95. (9/2/08)

  • Althouse Outstanding Instructor Teaching Award -- Beatrice Sirakaya. (9/2/08)

  • Althouse Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award -- Allison Fields (Kao Lab) and Ju-Chieh (J.C.) Wung (Gilmour Lab). Another first - co-winners!

    Honorable Mentions: Saumya Gopalkrishnan (Ades Lab), Rebecca Keller (Bollinger/Krebs labs) and Esta Tamanaha (Bollinger/Krebs labs). (9/2/08)

  • Dr. Teh-hui Kao was named a recipient of the Schreyer Honors College 2008 Excellence in Honors Teaching Award, one of two faculty awards given each year in the Schreyer Honors College. (9/2/08)

  • Wei Jiang (Bollinger/Krebs labs) won the 2008 Graduate School Alumni Association Dissertation Award.  This award, the most prestigious recognition conferred by the Graduate School to final year doctoral students, carries with it a stipend of $5,000. The award has been in existence seven years, and each year a BMMB student has received the award.  Previous winners were Kate Huisinga (Pugh), Shilpa Mehta (Ng), Yumiko Sakuragi (Bryant), Lana Saleh (Bollinger), Rob Cicchillo (Booker), and Julie Maresca (Bryant).  (1/08)