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Faculty, staff, and student awards during 2009
  • Amaya Garcia Costas was the recipient of the best poster award at the International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes held in Montreal. (8/09)

  • Paul Babitzke was the recipient of the Tershak Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award.  From the PTEC:  Paul has done an outstanding job teaching a challenging course. He successfully teaches students from a diversity of backgrounds in a large course. This award acknowledges a strong track record of excellent performance as well as a history of obvious and continued efforts towards making his course better for the sake of his students. (8/09)

  • Dan Cordek was the recipient of the Althouse Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.  The GAC recognized Dan Cordek (Cameron lab) as the BMMB outstanding TA for the 2008-2009 academic year. Cheri Lee (Cameron/August) was awarded honorable mention by the committee. (8/09)
  • Melissa Rolls was named a 2009 Pew Scholar by the National Advisory Committee.  The Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences is designed to support young investigators of outstanding promise in the basic and clinical sciences relevant to the advancement of human health.  (read more here) (6/09)

  • Stephan Schuster of BMB and Webb Miller of Biology and Computer Science and Engineering were named among Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People" of 2009. Both are in the Center for Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics.

  • Nancy Johnson was selected to receive the 2009 Outstanding Office Professional Award.  This is a great honor that involved the nomination of candidates from across the University, including the branch campuses - that is a lot of office professionals!  Nancy was honored at a ceremony on May 21st at the Nittany Lion Inn. (5/09)

  • Craig Cameron was elected as Councilor for Animal Virology to serve on the Council of the American Society for Virology for the next three years.  The American Society for Virology was founded in 1981 to provide a forum for investigators of human, animal, insect, plant, fungal, and bacterial viruses, whether the research involves clinical, ecological, biological, or biochemical approaches.  The stated aim of the Society is to promote the exchange of information and stimulate discussion and collaboration among scientists active in all aspects of virology.  These goals are achieved by means of meetings organized or sponsored by the Society, obtaining for the members reduced subscription rates for virological journals, soliciting travel grants to attend national and international meetings and representation on national and international councils.  (4/09)

  • Bob Boor received two awards.  He was the winner of the Eberly College of Science Customer Service Award.  This award honors a staff member or team who demonstrate exemplary service to others, internal or external to the unit and the College.  He was also presented with the Office of Physical Plant Superior Performance Award for his assistance during the Althouse elevator repairs.  (4/09)
  • Yusuke Tsukatani (Bryant lab) received a Research Fellowship from the Uehara Memorial Foundation.  The one year $30,000 award is a supplemental budget to young investigators who will have (or are making) outstanding accomplishments in the basic sciences.  (4/09)

  • Nithya Srinivisan (Golbeck lab) was awarded a Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) Award of $6,000 to study in Germany in 2009.  (4/09)

  • Standard Bearers

    * BMB - Leah Liu (Wendy Hanna-Rose)

    * BIOTC - Daphne Ng (Mark Guiltinan)

    * MICRB - Dane Olevian (Kouacou Konan)

  • Laura Weyrich, a BMMB graduate student in Eric Harvill's lab, was awarded a 2009 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.  The stipend rate for 2009-2010 is $30,000 per 12-month fellowship year and the fellowship is funded for a maximum of 3 years. Laura is combining her thesis work in Eric Harvill’s lab with bioethics training in the Rock Ethics Institute and the STS program. (4/09)

  • Mike Borland, a BMMB graduate student in Jeff Peters' lab, was the winner of two awards at the 48th Annual Society of Toxicology (SOT) Meeting held March 15-19, 2009.  He won the Carcinogenesis Specialty Section Best Student Abstract. The title of his abstract was "PPARB/D regulates AhR signaling in skin."  He also won the Dermal Toxicology Specialty Section Battelle Student Research Award.  The Battelle Award was for $2500 research funds for Mike's project entitled "Analysis of coactivator and corepressor recruitment mediating PPARB/D modulation of AhR-dependent signaling." The press release can be found at (4/09)

  • Bryan Venters’ poster, “A canonical promoter organization of the transcription machinery and its regulators in the Saccharomyces genome,”  won two awards.  Bryan, a postdoc with Frank Pugh, won first place for the best poster at the ASBMB meeting on Transcriptional Regulation by Chromatin and RNA Polymerase II in Lake Tahoe, CA.  He also won first place at the EMBO meeting on Gene Transcription in Yeast in Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain. (3/09)

  • Ramya Kartikeyan (Frisque lab) was awarded 2nd Place in the Health and Life Sciences Division of the 2009 Graduate Exhibition for her work entitled "Regulation of Alternative Splicing in JC Polyomavirus." (3/09)

  • Jean Brenchley was selected to receive the WISE Recognition Award in the Faculty Category.  The awards ceremony was held April 16th. Most of us in BMB are well aware of the outstanding mentoring Jean provides to junior faculty, students, women scientists and even rookie department heads.  It is nice for the University to recognize what we already knew. (3/09)

  • Marty Bollinger was awarded a 2009 Faculty Scholar Medal in the Physical Sciences.  This is a special honor and I hope you join me in sending your hearty congratulations to Marty for receiving this distinguished award. (3/09)

  • Wei Jiang (Bollinger/Krebs labs) is 2009's recipient of the Wedler Outstanding Dissertation Award.  Wei's dissertation was chosen by the Graduate Affairs Committee from a total of 12 theses defended in the last academic year. (3/09)

  • Jay Russell (Keiler lab) won the 2009 Simpson Innovative Research Award (3/09)