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The BMB Department presents BMB Creates 2.0

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12/18/2018 - On the evening of December 13th the BMB Community gathered to celebrate the end of the semester as well as the holiday season.  The event brought out many individuals within the department and coupled several interesting, but different aspects of the BMB climate.  The party provided a venue for all faculty, students and staff to come together and simply focus on fellowship with their fellow colleagues. It also showcased the creativity of many in the department through the BMB Creates Art Show.  Lastly the department held a food drive challenge between buildings, to help combat the issue of student hunger at University Park, where the wining building was announced at the party.

The wining building of the Food Drive Challenge was North Frear Laboratory bringing in 123 items of food.  Arguably the best announcement made all night though, was that the department collectively brought in 481 items of food to help support those in need on the University Park Campus!

The winning BMB Creates Art Show projects are listed below:

Top Prize Winners:

  • Science Theme - Lab:  The Thomas Lab
  • Science Theme - Individual: Alana Lesnansky
  • Non-Science Theme – Individual: Kim Gummo
  • Best In Show: Emily Bell

Honorable Mentions:

  • Science Theme – Individual: Lynnicia Massenburg
  • Non-Science Theme – Individual: Emily Carnegie
  • Best In Show: The BMB Office Staff

It was a great night!  Dave Blehi who helped to organize the event thanked all that came out and attended.  He also thanked those who served on the Holiday Party Planning Committee and were ultimately responsible for putting on such a great night.  They are: Karen Mullen, Traci Shimmel, Kim Gummo, Stewart Hung, Maria Krasilnikova, Wendy Hanna-Rose, Grace Usher and Allison Williams.

Check out our projects below: