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BMB Department hosts Emeritus Luncheon to organize historical items and share the history of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department.

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Sorting through the past is never usually something you do regularly or as often as you would like.  Whether you’re someone cleaning out your attic or a university department organizing storage rooms - sorting through past photos and documents is something that makes you reflect and share with those around you and those who have come before you.  The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) Department recently hosted a luncheon to do just that, share and remember.



In the process of organizing some of its storage rooms across the university, the BMB Department uncovered several boxes of historical photos and documents spanning back to the creation of the department.  Many of the photos had no captions nor any way to identify the individuals in them or when they were taken.  To help with this Dr. Wendy Hanna-Rose, BMB Department head, invited all local emeritus faculty as well as any interested current faculty and staff to a luncheon on October 22nd.  Those in attendance were asked to share anecdotes of BMB history as well as view and label as many photos and documents as possible.  Some photos were given to the faculty who had particular interest and others were marked as significant and sorted for distribution to the Penn State Libraries Archives.




The stories that were told ranged from when North Frear was built, homemade fermenters that stunk up entire buildings, faculty who took it upon themselves to make certain renovations to buildings using power saws on cinder block walls and students who reversed the plumbing under certain benches resulting in facilities being contacted.  Some photos will be displayed at the BMB Department’s end of year party “BMB Creates” later this year.  The event is an end of year celebration providing the opportunity for all those within the department to gather for fellowship and to present their more creative sides.




Attendees included: Richard Unz, Ron Porter, Phil Mohr, Carol Baker (not retired yet!), Mary Jane Wronkski, Dick Frisque, Carol Gay, Ann Marie Daniel, Bea Sirakaya, Allen Phillips, Bob Schlegel, Andrea Mastro, Bill Taylor  and Roy Hammerstedt.