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BMB shows strong representation at Undergraduate Research Exhibition

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Kushagra Kumar

April 29, 2019 - The Undergraduate Research Exhibition was held April 17, 2019 and provided undergraduate students from across the university the opportunity to showcase their research.  The exhibition was divided into two sections; the first for engagement experience poster presentations featuring posters highlighting student achievements in engaged learning experiences and the second for research, inquiry, or creative activity which featured traditional research posters, oral research presentations and performances.

With the exhibition touting more than 300 students, the Department had strong representation as more than 60 BMB undergraduate students presented their research at the event.  Below is a list of presentations from our students.

View the event's photo gallery to see some our students and their posters.

Research Presented: First Name Last Name Co-Applicants
Developing an alternative approach to RNA-Seq Julia Frances Cipparulo
Investigating the binding sites of NEUROD1 through Chromatin Immuno-precipitation Kailash Jayachandran Chenjin Jin
Exploring the Mechanisms Underlying Light Touch Sensation in Drosophila PHILIP P RATNASAMY
Synthesis, Characterization and Molecular Targeting of Quinoline Antimicrobials Anna Pauline Brogan
Gene SA1798 in S. aureus Plays Role in Tunicamycin Resistance Kaitlin Cole
Characterization of KKL-4669: Identified Inhibitor of trans-Translation Alexis Marie Davison
Targeting trans-translation in pathogenic bacteria with natural products Tatiana McAnulty
The Effect of Faka/FakB Deletions on Lipoprotein production in S.aureus Sheherbano Hussain
Activation of silent gene clusters in Streptomyces spp Joao Ferreira
Identifying Revolutionary Natural Molecules that Inhibit Trans-Translation Hannah Elizabeth Snoke
Testing Natural Products as Inhibitors of the trans-Translation Pathway. Emma Osterhaus Jessica Souther & Karah Shultz
Small Molecule Signaling Between Bacterial Populations within a Host Taylor Yount
Developing Optimized Protein Molecular Weight Markers Applicable to SDS-PAGE and Western Blot Assays Yoshitaka Shibata Ryan Santilli & John Williamson III
Quorum Sensing Between Vibrio fischeri Populations within the Squid Light Organ Andrew Murtha
Candidate Genes for Wolbachia Blocking of Dengue Virus  In Aedes aegypti Cells Joash Makalani Lake
Analyzing Transcription Factor Clustering in the Ovarian Nurse Cells of Drosophila Brandon Park
Examining the acceptability of using sipIT digital tools to increase fluid consumption in kidney stone patients Caitlan Surgeon
Exploration the Regulation of Cytoskeletal Filaments with the Genetic Manipulation of Cdk5 in Class I DA Neurons in Drosophila Katelyn Emily Rudisill
Effects of Inhaled Corticosteriods on Anxiety-Like Physiology and Behavior in Mouse Model Samantha Studer
Biophysical and Biochemical Characterization of the Transcription of Mitochondrial DNA Guinevere Vanbuskirk Oliver
Characterization of Genetic Mutations in Epidemic Zika Virus Strains Sean Horan
A Metabolic Stress Response is Linked to Delayed Hatching in Caenorhabditis elegans Josef Blaszkiewicz Michael DeGennaro
Novel approaches to examine nerve cell regeneration Abigail Mauger Samantha Simonovitch & Megan Schupp
Improving Breast MRI Quality Utilizing Ultra-High Dielectric Constant Materials at 3 Tesla Avery Wang
Modeling behavioral learning phenotype in adsl-1 deficient C. elegans Shirley Dong Madalyn Charnego
Testing Potential Inhibitors of the Sigma E Pathway in Escherichia Coli Kushagra Aniruddha Kumar
Investigation of a Novel Delayed Hatching Phenotype in Caenorhabditis Elegans Elizabeth Ann Eberly
Mitochondrial Sirtuins in C. elegans Impact Lifespan Nicole Grace Laganke
Exploring the Effect of Nmrk-1 Mutation on Hatching Time in C. Elegans Holden J Zimmerman Katie Wittig
Pilot Study of Avian Microbiomes Carolyn Telfer
Development of Inhibitors of the SigmaE Pathway in E. coli Bacteria Matthew Kostelac
Small Oligonucleotide Models of the Twister Ribozyme Active Site Show That Tertiary Structure is Necessary for Catalysis Matthew Tracey
Screening the Human Dopamine Transporter gene (DAT1) for Taq1 site variability Georgia Bastos
Characterizing Transcription Factor Binding in Yeast Olivia Muly
The impact of Qrr1 expression on Vibrio fischeri Shyan Cousins
Identification of True Artifacts During Processing of Red Blood Cells for Electron Microscopy Anna Byland Yuqing Lei
Using fluorescent tags to study flavivirus life cycle in infected host cells Xinyi Liu
Structural Analysis of the Mixed Lineage Leukemia (MLL) Histone Methyltransferase Complex Rosalie Sowers
The Impact of Temperature on Bacterial Type VI Secretion in the Squid-Vibrio Symbiosis Amanda Williams
Characterization of a Novel Neuronal Injury Model in Drosophila Aabha Premal Vora
Collection, Amplification and Massively Parallel Sequencing of Touch Evidence using microFLOQ® Direct Collection Device Sara Walton
Quantitation of DNA Collected on microFLOQ™ Direct Collection Device Nina Matulis
Modeling Age Estimation Using DNA Methylation Patterns Troy Adams
Exploring Genetic Causes of Phenotypic Variance in C. elegans Delayed Hatching Phenotype Julia Catena Nicholas Cann
Creation of a pollen database for forensic identification purposes Nycol Cotto Flores
Promega PowerSeq Whole Mitochondrial Genome System Dana Dirnberger
Investigating the VNTR in the human Dopamine Transporter Gene (DAT1) Szu-Yu Kuan
Identification of Inhibitors of the Sigma E/Hfq Pathway in E. coli Jessica M Reyer
Activity of Tetrazole-based trans-Translation Inhibitors in Bacillus anthracis Emily C Snell
Competition between two Type VI positive strains of V. fischeri Anjali McNeil
Characterization of Plasmodium yoelii Tudor Staphylococcal Nuclease, PyTSN1 Olivia Margaret Smith
Exploring Bacterial Adaptation with Modified Isolation Chip Technique Emily Grandinette
Identifying Drug-Drug Interactions Between Experimental Antimalarials Cuyler H Luck
Studying Unknown Elements of Neuronal and Microtubule Response to Injury in Drosophila Using Laser Microsurgery and Fluorescence Microscopy Sophia Gabriella Llanos Landaeta Rachel Swope & Matthew Keegan
Searching for the Target of KKL-896 Isabel Hunsberger
Examining Ribosomal Localization based on Microtubule Polarity in Drosophila melanogaster Neurons David Francis Lee
Identifying Inhibitors of the SigmaE-Hfq Pathway in E. coli Katherine Winner