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Liqiang Ren

Liqiang Ren

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  • Chemistry Graduate Student (Mallouk)
221 South Frear Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 777-1308

Research Interests

My research interests are in the combination of microfluidics with optics, acoustics and chemistry for biomedical applications such as sensing, cell sorting and separation, and drug delivery.


Thomas Mallouk


Research Summary

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Autonomous micromotors that mimic living micro-organisms are of growing interest because they could be able to carry out many challenging tasks in human body, such as precise drug delivery, cell manipulation and micro-surgery. Among many kinds of autonomously powered micromotors, acoustically-driven ones are especially attractive because they do not require chemical fuel and operate at low tissue-friendly acoustic power. My current project is focused on studying the behavior of  acoustically-driven motors in microfluidic channels, including the directional movement in standing acoustic wave fields and highly polarized collective behavior.

Selected Publications

  • L. Ren, X. Zhang, X. Guo, H. Wang, X. Wu,” High-Sensitivity Optofluidic Sensor Based on Coupled Liquid-Core Laser”, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 29 (8), 639-642, 2017
  • L. Ren, Y. Chen, P. Li, Z. Mao, P-H. Huang, J. Rufo, F. Guo, L. Wang, J. P. McCoy, S. J. Levine, T. J. Huang,” A high-throughput acoustic cell sorter”, Lab on a Chip 15 (19), 3870-3879,2015
  • L. Ren, X. Wu, M. Li, X. Zhang, L. Liu, L. Xu, “Ultrasensitive label-free coupled optofluidic ring laser sensor”, Optics letters 37 (18), 3873-3875,2012
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  • P-H. Huang, L. Ren, N. Nama, S. Li, P. Li, X. Yao, R. A. Cuento, C-H. Wei, Y. Chen, Y. Xie, A. A. Nawaz, Y. G. Alevy, M. J. Holtzman, J. P. McCoy, S. J. Levine and T. J. Huang, “An acoustofluidic sputum liquefier”, Lab on a Chip 15 (15), 3125-3131,2015
  • X. Zhang, L. Ren, X. Wu, H. Li, L. Liu and L. Xu, “Coupled optofluidic ring laser for ultrahigh-sensitive sensing”, Optics express 19 (22), 22242-22247,2011



  • L. Ren, Y. Chen, P. Li, Z. Mao, J. Rufo, P-H. Huang, F. Guo, and T. J. Huang, “Standing surface acoustic wave (SSAW)-based high-throughput cell sorter using focused interdigital transducers (FIDTs)”, MicroTAS, 2015, Gyeongju, Korea, (Poster).
  • L. Ren, Y. Chen, P. Li, Z. Mao, J. Rufo, P-H. Huang, F. Guo, T. J. Huang, “An ultrahigh throughput cell sorter using standing surface acoustic waves (SSAW)”, BMES 2015 Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida, USA (Oral Presentation).
  • L. Ren, F. Guo, Y. Chen, P. Li, Y. Xie and T. J. Huang, “A focused surface acoustic wave device for rapid and sensitive detection of Listeria monocytogenes based on recombinase polymerase amplification”, BMES 2014 Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, USA (Oral Presentation).

Honors and Awards

  • Robert A. Sebrosky Graduate Fellowship in Engineering Science and Mechanics, PSU, 2016