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Your college education will be one of the most important investments of your life. Penn State offers a variety of financial aid programs to help students meet their educational expenses. The number of awards is limited and the competition is keen. The types of aid offered by the university such as fellowships, scholarships, grants, loans, and work study, are discussed in detail at Financial Aid The Office of Student Aid. In addition, the Department offers financial assistance in the form of departmental scholarships, work study and wage payroll positions.

Please review the links below for cost information and strategies to finance your Penn State education:


Does the BMB Department have scholarships to award to undergraduates?

The BMB Department awards about 10 department scholarships to its undergraduate students each year. In addition, the Eberly College of Science has a number of awards that circulate to designated departments within the College. Typically, BMB has about 6 of these awards to confer on a yearly basis. Students should think of these as awards, rather than scholarships, as the monies for each award come from the proceeds of endowments established by donors and, in many cases, carry restrictions for potential recipients (particular major, class standing, financial need, etc.).

How do I apply for departmental awards?

There is no application process. Rather, a department committee reviews all students who qualify for the various awards. Award recipients are generally selected at the end of each spring semester and are notified of their selection sometime during the summer months.

I would like to do research in the summer. Is any financial support available?

The BMB Department currently has 3-4 awards that are designated for the support of students who are undertaking research during the summer. These awards are highly competitive, and there is an application process. Interested students should contact the BMB Department office shortly after spring break to obtain application forms.

Listing of departmental awards for undergraduates.

Listing of past award recipients.